• What to do when you get bored?

    Hey! This summer, I'm just bored. All my friends are on vacations, and I'm just like : what can I do? 


    1. Tidy your room. My room is just a mess during all the year and now I have time to tidy my room. Just do that, you'll be busy for a moment.

    2.  If you live in a warm town where the weather is warm and sunny, it's great you can stay in the sun. Like that you will have a beautiful skin color.

    3. Read. Read whatever you want; seventeen, cosmopolitan, Elle, the fault in our star.

    4. Make an Instagram account. It's very funny, you can share your vacation's picture with your friends.

    5. Go to swimming pool. If some friends are not on vacation, you can also go to the swimming pool.

    6. Watch videos on youtube. I do that very often, you can watch fashion, beauty, cooking videos.



    I hope you like it!


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