• July favorites

    Hey guys! Today I will talk about my july favorites!! I have eight products to show you. Let's get started!


    The first one is body mist from Victoria's secret PINK! I really love it because it's fresh odor and I think for summer this odor is just great!! I advise you this body mist if you like to smell good and fresh in the summer, it's going to be perfect for you. This body mist is called "Wild at heart". This is a fruity floral fragrance types. It smells the red passionfruit and the sheer musk. And honestly the packaging is just so cute!

    July favorites


    The second one is a nail polish from OPI. His name is "Toucan do it if you try". It's a peachy color very cute and fun for the summer, it's a little bit neon. It's very beautiful if you have a tanned skin, even if you have an untanned skin like me, but I try to get tanned because I think it's very beautiful!!!

    July favorites



    Recently, I bought a body butter at "The body shop". I've got the blueberry one. Those are very good products in "The body shop". It's a special edition.

    July favorites



    Then I have a body scrub, still at the body shop and still a blueberry one!

    July favorites


    This earrings are my favorites, I think they are so lovely. It's from cache-cache.

    July favorites

    I hope you enjoyed this article! Tell me what's your favorites this month I will have a big pea sure to read your comments! 



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    Jeudi 31 Juillet 2014 à 17:55
    Deltrey de Deltreylicious blog mode et beauté
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