• (Back to school N°1) Back to school tips

    Hey guys! How are you? Today I will talk about Back to school!I will do many "Back to school" article, today I have some tips for you!

    (Back to school N°1) Back to school tips

    1. Trust yourself

    The first day of school is a very stressful day, especially if you are in a new school, because nobody or not a lot of people knows you! Try to don't be shy, and just go to others people and just be open to others people like that they'll want to know you! Don't always stay with your group of friends like that you will meet new people and that's good. I you're not in the same class as your friends, it doesn't matter, I know it's annoying but you will meet others people. 

    2. Be organized!!!

    Don't forget that school isn't to have friends. Be organized, you have to study, it's very important. Try to study everyday it is very important, even if it's one hour or two hours. THere is always something to revise.

    3. Be attentive in class!

    If you don't listen and if you talk with your new friends during the lessons, you will have much more work at home. If you listen and you are attentive, the half of the work will be done, because you will probably remember what the teacher said!!


    I hope it will help you!! xoxo

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